We've done our research, and not surprisingly, water is essential.  We are here, offering our full range of services (subject to product availability if purchases are needed).

Important points to remember PLEASE

  1. Every member of our team has a young family. We can only continue to operate if our clients continue to keep the recommended distance from our team. As much as we love to chat and offer advice when we are on site, we will not be able to continue to do so during this time. We will be asking all clients to agree to stay indoors while our contractors are onsite. All communication can be via telephone, text or email and all payments can be made online.

  2. If you or any member of your household are unwell or in self-isolation due to contact with the virus PLEASE advise us so our team can make an informed decision on whether we can attend your property.

  3. Jacinda's message of BE KIND rings true in all sorts of ways. Please take care of your elderly neighbours (from a distance!), remember we offer a discount for Gold Card holders and we want to ensure everyone has access to safe water during this time.

027 84 77 000 or 09 428 0448

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